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Dyeing with Rust on Fabric

Rust on linen and photo transfer by Flora Doehler. I’ve been experimenting with dying rusty objects onto fabric. Fabric artist friend of mine, Marilyn Preus, used this technique in one of her beautiful wall–hangings and I had to try it … Continue reading

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Daily Painter Edward B. Gordon

Edward B. Gordon is a painter living in Berlin. This video is a fascinating glimpse of his studio, his method of working and his love of composition. Check out his daily blog at

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Painting Winter Fields

Charcoal sketch of field patterns. It’s absolutely gorgeous outside right now. There is a thick blanket of snow covering the fields, and the  hills. With all the leaves gone it is really easy to see through the trees to the … Continue reading

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Painting sunflowers

This is my favorite small painting in my sunflowers series. Sunflowers are so cheerful looking and their energy truly radiates. I knew when we moved here that they would be part of my vegetable garden, but I wasn’t counting on … Continue reading

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To Etsy or not to Etsy

I don’t know why, but it has taken me over three years to organize myself to offer paintings for sale through an online presence. There are lots of ‘painting a day’ artists who do this and a myriad of virtual … Continue reading

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Intentions for 2011 at Green Willow Studio

Our Green Willow tree,  Cordelia, has finally dropped her leaves. A Cherry tree stands to the right and produces tasty cherries that drip down your chin in the summertime.  Mostly the birds get the bounty as the limbs are too … Continue reading

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