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About Flora Doehler

I paint, garden and smell the flowers in a sweet tidal village in Atlantic Canada.

Is it Possible?

Is it possible to email in a post? Can you add a photo? Blog: Our Bear River Adventure Paintings: Advertisements

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To be Continued………

Larry and I are very busy at Green Willow Studio creating our work, teaching classes. So busy in fact, that we’ve decided to split this site into two new art websites. Mine is called Flora Doehler – visual artist and … Continue reading

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Painting watercolour using a ‘Wet-in-Wet’ Technique

Last summer I made this time lapse video of painting a watercolour using a ‘wet-in-wet‘ approach. That means painting onto wet, cotton paper using wet paint! Today I added a voice-over to the video. The sound isn’t great because I … Continue reading

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Monoprinting with watercolours

This coming Saturday I’ll be teaching a workshop at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia on the techniques that I used in my pieces that are on display in the show. (The class is full and there is a waiting … Continue reading

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Tradition and Innovation – a printmaking show

Two of my pieces will be in a printmaking show that opens tomorrow (Saturday) at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia – Yarmouth branch! I just finished them last week and framed them a few of days ago. The show … Continue reading

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Blooming time for artist – Doehler works from life; channels nature with brush, paint and canvas

A very special Christmas surprise for me this year was opening the newspaper to read this article about my painting process. Thank you to Heather Killen and the Annapolis Spectator! ————————– By Heather Killen The Annapolis County SPECTATOR December 22, … Continue reading

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