Flora Doehler

Gardening and painting are my full time passions in Bear River.

I was very lucky to study fine arts in the late sixties at the Art Centre at Central Technical School Toronto. I graduated with a love for painting, printmaking and weaving. I later studied painting at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee in Berlin Germany where I discovered the vibrant works of the German Expressionists as well as the powerful printmaking of artists such as Kathe Kollwitz and Wassily Kandinsky. The texture inherent in printmaking is something I have integrated into my painting.

I grow the flowers and then I paint them.

I lived in my hometown, Toronto for most of my life. Then three years ago, Larry and I were able to leave the city behind and to pursue our art and life in the country.

We now work and play in beautiful Bear River, Nova Scotia at Green Willow Studio. I paint with oils, acrylic and watercolour – whatever inspires me. I also weave, do a bit of sewing and explore the surprises of monoprinting.

Green Willow Studio is part of the year ’round Bear River Working Artists Studio Tour. My paintings can also be seen in the Flight of Fancy store and gallery in Bear River.

The Yellow Surprise by Flora Doehler, c.2010.


7 Responses to Flora Doehler

  1. Louise Baker says:

    OMG! I stumbled on your painting as sometimes I just google ‘loose paintings’ when I have 10 min to spare. I found yours and was so enchanted by the style and colors. When I tried to see where this Flora person was from I couldn’t believe it was Bear River!
    I am in Halifax and paint as well. I will definitely try and get down to see your studio. Do you have art anywhere else?
    Fabulous work Flora
    Louise in Halifax

    • Flora says:

      Louise, thank you for your enthusiasm! I have googled you and found your wonderful paintings and your blog
      I love your work too…the colours, the style. How wonderful that we are in the same province.
      Have you been to Bear River before? We totally love it here. Right now we are in moving/renovation hell…well almost at the end of it and although we have a studio at the Oakdene, we haven’t been there much this summer and you will understand why when you take a look at our main blog. By the fall we should have our new studio set up and I can’t wait to paint, paint, paint this winter.
      I have some work at the Flight of Fancy in Bear River, but this winter I’d like to investigate additional venues.
      Thanks again Louise. The kudos from another artist are especially meaningful!

  2. lockeporter says:

    Wow! I love your work… The Yellow Surprise is awesome!! Cheers, Julie

  3. Brooke says:

    I’m also a fan.I think this is one of my favorites. Brooke

  4. Brooke, thank you so much!! Do you paint too?
    I’ve just put together a site to display the finished paintings. You can find it here: http://floradoehler.ca

  5. wandajaneece says:

    I just saw your video on monoprinting with cut out shapes on Martha’s blog. I love it. I will be doing an art project with my grandson’s sixth grade class soon and this is a perfect technique. I love the painting above. I grew up with a grandma who grew bearded iris in northern Nevada. They are still my favorite flower. thanks for the inspiration!
    Wanda Hickman

  6. Flora says:

    Thank you Wanda!
    Have fun with this technique!

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