Chased brass plate, inspired by the Tara Broach designed and made by Larry Knox.

Silversmiths saw or cut specific shapes from sterling and fine silver sheet metal and bar stock,  (and from gold, brass and copper) and then use hammers to form the metal over anvils and stakes. Silver is hammered cold (at room temperature). As the metal is hammered, bent, and worked, it ‘work-hardens’. Annealing is the heat-treatment used to make the metal soft again.
Silversmiths can use casting techniques to create knobs, handles and feet for the hollowware they are making.After forming and casting, the various pieces may be assembled by soldering and riveting Wikipedia “Silversmith”

I like to a use a variety of metals in my work. The combinations of silver, brass, bronze, copper, and gold add interesting colours and textures to the work. They also require greater skill because of the different melting temperatures and handling. – Larry Knox.

The following work are examples of my one-of-a-kind pieces.


Bowl on stand with Antique Patina, by Larry Knox.

Hammer formed vase with graduated fire patina
designed and made by Larry Knox.
Forged spoon with Celtic Knot part of the exhibit
“Celebrating 60 years of the Metal Arts Guild of Canada”
designed and made by Larry Knox.


2 Responses to Silversmithing

  1. What gorgeous work! I especially love your bowl and vase. I so want to learn to work with larger forms. (I think perhaps it was you rather than Flora who visited me today? 🙂 )

    • Larry Knox says:

      Actually, we visited your site together. You put great textures in your work and I really like your “how too” explanation of the process. Thanks for your comment on my bowl and vase. You should try working on larger forms and making a bowl is a good place to start.

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